Build Your Howa Hunting Rifle with Randy Newberg

Randy Newberg is at the Howa USA Headquarters in Reno, learning of a new program where you can order the components for your barreled action and stock combination directly from Brownell's and build a hunting rifle exactly how you want it built. Randy picks a Howa Model 1500, in a 7mm-.08, with a Hogue overmolded rubber stock. It is now at his how, scoped with a Leupold VX-3 and shooting extremely well.

Howa 1500 bolt action rifle 7.62x39

This is the video overview of the Howa 1500 bolt action rifle chambered in 7.62x39 for For more of the technical information and specs please read the article.

New Howa Mini Action 6.5 Grendel Rifle Review

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The New Howa Mini Action 6.5 Grendel Rifle. Offered in a number of calibers, the Mini Action is fast, smooth and easy to get follow-up shots. Howa is known for it's high quality bolt action rifles, made in Japan and imported by Legacy Sports.

#SundayGunday: Howa HCR Chassis Rifle

Executive Editor Adam Heggenstaller discusses the Howa HCR Chassis Rifle, the latest addition to our #SundayGunday series.

Tech Tip: Building a Howa Rifle

Guntech Steve Ostrem demonstrates how to build your own custom bolt gun with a Howa barreled action and whatever accessories you can dream up.

Legacy Sports - Howa 1500 - 5 Out Of 5 Stars

Legacy Sports - The Howa 1500 Receives 5 Out Of 5 Stars on the television show American Outdoors.

SHOT Show 2017 - Howa Chassis Rifle
How to - Rifle Selection with Randy Newberg and Howa's Matt Hornback

Randy Newberg is joined by Howa's Matt Hornback, graduate of the Army sniper school, to discuss how rifle selection is one of the first steps in accuracy for shooters of all sizes and experience levels. Only comfortable rifles are accurate. Only accurate rifles are useful.

Gallery of Guns TV 2014: HOWA Kryptek Camo
How to Break-in a Howa Rifle Barrel - Hunting & Shooting with Randy Newberg

Randy Newberg explains the basics of rifle break-in while showing this process on his new Howa Alpine Mountain Rifle in a 6.5 Creedmoor.

Howa 1500.....Legacy Sports.....6.5 Creedmoor.

Howa 1500.....Legacy Sports.....6.5 Creedmoor.

Howa 1500 better than Remington 700 sucks review vs

I thought I would explain why Howa better makes better rifles then Remington. Compare two stock rifles and compare the actions. Howa makes there rifles to higher level of precision with tighter tolerances. My factory Howa rifle shoots better that any of my custom guns.

Howa 1500 "Mini Action" .223REM Rifle (Varmint Model)

The Howa mini action in 223 was a very accurate rifle. I had some issues with cycling ammunition when loading however since doing this review, OSA have sent me a new magazine which fixed this issue immediately. Overall the rifle in combination with the Nikon 4-16x42 optic (which is ballistically matched to the 55gr polymer tipped 223 round) is a budget rifle that performs up there with more expensive setups!

Howa 1500 Review

In this video I review the wonderful Howa 1500 seres of bolt action rifles, seen here chambered for .308. The 1500 is a perfect rifle for someone that wants a reliable, well made, and accurate rifle that they can build on in the future, but without paying an arm in a leg to get started. To see what upgrades I have done to this rifle since this video was shot, feel free to watch this video here.

NASGW 2017 - Howa Bravo

At 2017 NASGW Product Development Director Matt Hornback discusses with Davidson's Gallery of Guns the new Howa Bravo which will release in first quarter of 2018.

NASGW 2017 -  Howa MiniAction Chassis

Product Development Director Matt Hornback discusses the new MiniAction Chassis with Davidson's Gallery of Guns. The MiniAction Chassis is new in the 2018 lineup for Howa Chassis rifles. 

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